Zicix Corporation (ZICX) acquires CTIP-FII

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The company ZICIX (OTC Pink: ZICX) acquired CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII), doing so CTIP-FII as ZICIX’ operating company insofar as the development activities of projects of ZICIX are concerned.

CTIP-FII is a company registered in the State of Florida, headquartered in New Jersey. Its website is www.ctip-fii.com. The Company is engaged in project development and project financing. He is currently involved in the development of government infrastructure in different countries including Africa and Latin American countries. CTIP-FII with its strategic partners, is involved in development projects such as hospitals (four hospital projects) and medical school buildings, hospital dormitories, roads and highways, government school buildings, bank headquarters , agrotourism projects, among others.

CTIP-FII the projects are in countries classified as developing countries, such as Africa and Asia, including Latin American countries. Infrastructure development projects in the portfolio of CTIP-FII are either funded by the government or the funding is organized and provided by CTIP-FII and its strategic partners, within the framework of what is called Public-private partnership (PPP). CTIP-FII does more in PPP projects, especially if the projects are considered unsolicited proposals rather than government-funded, as they will be put out to tender.

Private public partnership is a contractual concept or arrangement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in the provision of a service or facility for public use. In addition to sharing resources, each party shares the potential risks and benefits of providing the service and/or installation.

In an interview with President of ZICIX, Mr. William Pettyhe said it was time ZICIX should establish a strategic alliance with operating companies, such as CTIP-FII involved in project development, especially governments that plan to undertake their infrastructure development through public-private partnerships (PPPs).

In the development of PPP projects, the project developer does not rely too much on listed companies to raise funds for PPP projects in the stock market. Most governments provide sovereign or government guarantees, which most project developers can raise the construction finance needed for PPP projects. In addition, projects that do not benefit from an underlying government guarantee may resort to project securitization as an alternative to finance these projects.

On the other hand, the President of CTIP-FII, former Mayor of the City of Paterson, NJ, Mr. Jeffery Jones said, the acquisition of ZICIX on CTIP-FII is a welcome investment as it will strengthen the company’s position and credibility in the infrastructure sector with the support of a listed company, such as ZICIX. CTIP-FII as a subsidiary of ZICIX, will now be regulated indirectly as Activities of the CTIP-FII project are interpreted as ZICIX Activities.

ZICIX has organized two Departments, one the Technology Department, the other the Investments and Financing Department.

Luisa D. Fuller