Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation Podcast Forecasts Growing Compliance Challenges Across Pharmaceutical Industry

Third-party logistics providers may face new challenges in an already complex regulatory landscape

NEW YORK, August 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Third-party logistics (3PL) providers that facilitate warehousing, shipping and other logistics services for pharmaceutical manufacturers or wholesale distributors have likely grown accustomed to the rigorous requirements of a tightly regulated industry. But according to a recent episode of Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation’s Expert Insights podcast, 3PLs that are already struggling to cope with a slew of state regulations could see their compliance burden escalate in the face of a proposed rule announced by the Food and Drug Administration. and Drug Administration earlier this year. .

Hans Howk, head of content management at Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation, explains that most states maintain some variation on a third-party logistics license, with 3PLs required to follow and comply with a complex web of requirements spanning each state in which they do business. Depending on the relevant jurisdiction, 3PLs may be asked to provide a wide range of documents including sample contracts, customer statements, proof of general liability insurance, or the names and addresses of all major partners and shareholders.

To bring some consistency to the landscape, the FDA announced a proposed rule in February aimed at ensuring that all states regulate the drug supply chain in a strict and unified way — but Howk suggests this could ultimately tighten regulations to pharmaceutical companies and 3PLs. . He recommends that 3PLs engage the services of a trusted partner who can keep up with changing regulations, submit license applications, and fulfill pending renewals.

“Engaging the services of a trusted partner such as CT Corporation to centralize and manage these processes allows third-party license providers to focus on running their business,” said Howk.

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