NEXT-ChemX Corporation: Introducing New Membrane-Based Technology to Purify Bio-Oils and Biodiesel

Introducing a new membrane-based technology to purify bio-oils and biodiesel

*Chief Scientist Presents at the 2022 American Oil Chemist’s Society Meeting

* New technology for membrane-based oil and biodiesel purification

Austin, TXNEXT-ChemX Corporation (OTC: CHMX) Chief Scientist, Dr. Nikolai Kocherginsky and chemical engineer, Sumukh Metawala, gave a presentation entitled “Membrane-Based Oil & Biodiesel Washing” during the 2022 edition American Society of Petroleum Chemists (AOCS) Annual meeting, held May 1-4 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The presentation was based on patented and proprietary technology assigned to Next-ChemX Corporation. Bio-oils and biodiesel require purification, also known as scrubbing, which can be done with NEXT-ChemX technology in a rapid continuous process that does not require mixing. For example, purified diesel would have the following benefits:

* No glycerol, potassium methoxide, metals, less color, etc.

* No mixer/decanter or centrifuge used.

* No water accumulates in the oil.

* No oil is lost in the water.

* No emulsion formation.

* No bleaching earth is needed.

* No transmembrane pressure or tension used.

So energy saving with small footprint and much faster economical technology.

According to Biodiesel Magazine, current biodiesel production in the United States is 2.63 billion gallons per year with an additional 2.18 billion gallons per year of biodiesel production plants under construction.

The American Oil Chemist’s Society was founded in 1909 and is an international professional organization based in Urbana, Ill., dedicated to providing the support network for those involved in science and technology related to fats, oils, surfactants and other related materials. Membership is close to 4,000.

On NEXT-ChemX Corporation

NEXT-ChemX Corporation is an innovative technology company preparing to introduce its new proprietary and patented membrane-based ion extraction technology which has been proven to extract very low concentrations of ions from liquid solutions quickly and with significantly better economics while reducing the harmful impact on the environment using current processes. Our system uses unique hollow fiber technology to extract lithium directly from brines, leaching solutions or recycled battery solutions. The extraction process is continuous, proven and can be used for a range of metal ions and radioactive ions. Additionally, the system performs exceptionally well and more economically when purifying bio-oils and biodiesel. Our unique technology is easily scalable and we are currently developing a modular extraction plant that would allow rapid deployment of an extraction plant and assembly on site even in remote and harsh environments.

NEXT-ChemX Corporationis a Nevada company trading on the over-the-counter markets under the name “CHMX”. Please visit the company’s website at

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J. Michael Johnson,

President, NEXT-ChemX Corporation

Telephone: +1 512 663 2690

email: [email protected]

CONTACT: J. Michael Johnson,

President, NEXT-ChemX Corporation

Telephone: +1 512 663 2690

email: [email protected]


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