MultiDyne acquires Niagara Video Corporation

Mike Galli, CEO of Niagara Video Corporation, will join the company as vice president of streaming products, and MultiDyne will retain existing Niagara staff.

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions has acquired Niagara Video Corporation, a provider of compression, streaming and IPTV solutions for the broadcast and commercial AV markets.

The acquisition strengthens MultiDyne’s value proposition for software-defined video transport and positions the company as a full-service provider of hardware and software solutions for moving high-quality video over any distance or network architecture.

Black Pearl Management Group, owned and operated by well-known broadcast industry veteran Bob McAlpine, facilitated the acquisition process on behalf of both companies.

Commenting on the acquisition, Frank Jachetta, CEO of MultiDyne, said, “The MultiDyne brand has long been associated with fiber optics, but as a company we excel in media handling and media movement. At IBC2019, we added audio processing and monitoring to our portfolio with the acquisition of Census Digital. Three years later, we head into IBC2022 with another strategic acquisition that takes MultiDyne into exciting new territory.

Jachetta said the Niagara Video business adds “proven hardware solutions and pure software solutions to our in-house hardware portfolio” that will help the company expand media transport opportunities for its customers. This includes moving media from server-based engines and across more diverse network topologies, while ensuring seamless interoperability with a mix of industry protocols (HEVC, HLS, RTMP, SRT and more).

Jachetta added, “We have expanded beyond dark fiber to move content across the internet in different ways. One example is how we can now take video over the top (OTT) reliably, using the open protocol SRT transport for flawless video streaming. It’s about providing our customers with broadcast-quality video over challenging networks.

Jesse Foster, MultiDyne’s vice president of product, cites the growing esports market as well as the audio-visual business sectors, including corporate and education, as Niagara Video’s business strengths that will expand MultiDyne’s customer base. Foster also sees a natural expansion of its core live broadcast and production business into the REMI production space, and an opportunity to offer complete solutions for houses of worship.

Foster commented, “This really opens up MultiDyne to new vertical markets. Compression is a necessary technology for remote connectivity, and Niagara’s portable GoStream encoders and decoders will provide our customers with the low latency streaming and linking solutions they need for REMI production and live entertainment events. . We see strong integration opportunities for MultiDyne fiber products with Niagara’s IPTV solutions, widely used today in the enterprise, enterprise, government and hospitality markets. And we can now help our worship customers easily extend their signals from the sanctuary to external locations, with clean integration between our fiber camera adapters, fiber dropouts, and Niagara’s live streaming solutions.

Mike Galli, CEO of Niagara Video Corporation, said that in addition to in-house technology and talent, the company is expanding MultiDyne’s channel partner network through its own distributors and resellers around the world. Galli will join the company as vice president of streaming products, and MultiDyne will retain Niagara’s existing staff.

Galli added, “We have built a network of reputable distribution partners that will help increase MultiDyne’s visibility in regions where the brand is less represented, including parts of Asia where Niagara Video has historically known dynamic business. Ultimately, we can help MultiDyne establish a robust streaming portfolio and bring them into the compression world with greater authority. And at Niagara, we’ve always looked for the right partner to realize our vision. MultiDyne’s global presence, business reputation and the range of customers and applications it supports are all phenomenal.

Luisa D. Fuller