Composition of YIT Corporation Shareholder Nomination Committee

YIT Corporation Stock Exchange Release September 5, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

Composition of YIT Corporation Shareholder Nomination Board

The three main shareholders of YIT Corporation according to of Euroclear register of shareholders on August 31, 2022 and according to the principles of the rules of procedure had the right to appoint representatives to the Nominating Committee. According to the mentioned standing order, a group of shareholders can agree to appoint a common representative to the nomination committee. The following shareholders have agreed to appoint a common proxy: PNT Group Oy, Noora Pentti, Faithful Oy, Eva Pentti-Kortman, Kristian Pentti and Kristina Pentti-von Walzel.

The three major shareholders of YIT, who have the right to appoint a representative to YIT Corporation shareholder nomination committee, are therefore Tercero Invest ABthe aforementioned group of shareholders, and Varma Mutuelle d’Assurance Retraite. The following people have been appointed as their representatives on the YIT Nominating Committee:

  • Alexander EhrnrootCEO, Tercero Invest AB17.38% of shares and votes
  • Juhani MakinenLegal adviser, the group of shareholders PNT Group Oy, Noora Pentti, Faithful Oy, Eva Pentti-Kortman, Kristian Pentti and Kristina Pentti-von Walzel14.59% of shares and votes
  • Restaurant MurtoPresident and CEO, Varma Mutuelle d’Assurance Retraite5.66% of shares and votes.

Legal adviser Juhani Mäkinen was elected chairman of the nominating committee. Harri Pekka Kaukonenthe president of YIT Corporation Board of Directors, participates in the work of the Nomination Board as an expert member.

The Nominations Committee prepares the proposals concerning the members of the Board and the remuneration of the Board for the next General Assembly.

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Juha Jauhiainencorporate legal director, YIT Corporation+358 40 725 9643, [email protected]

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