CHDT Corporation: the company remains under the radar after 3 record quarters

DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CHDT Corporation, a Florida corporation (OTCBB:CHDO), (“Company”), with operating subsidiaries focused on the design and manufacture of consumer lighting products for the retail markets of America North and Latin America, and Capstone Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of CHDT Corp., confirms that the company’s replenishment activity was strong during the third quarter and the resulting backlog is currently ahead of the fourth quarter of 2010.

Although CHDT Corporation’s third quarter results will not be officially confirmed until the third quarter audit is complete, the company expects gross revenue of approximately $4,786,534 with net revenue of approximately $4,500,542. during the quarter. This brings our year-to-date gross revenue to approximately $8,492,901 and our net revenue to approximately $7,966,239. More importantly, the company expects record net profit through the third quarter to be around $400,000, compared to a net loss of $695,862 for the same period in 2010. This translates into an improvement expected over $1,000,000 from the company’s year-to-date performance. “It’s hard to explain the sense of pride our team feels as we prepare to deliver these excellent results to our shareholders,” said Gerry McClinton, Chief Financial Officer. “We have remained focused on our core lighting products and product innovations have been recognized by major retailers across the country,” he added.

“These results are really not surprising considering the excellent products provided at such affordable price points,” said Stewart Wallach, CEO of CHDT Corp. “What is surprising, however, is that the value of our shares has not yet reflected these achievements. I receive many calls every day from shareholders asking me why the stock is so undervalued. We remain obviously under the radar, but we strongly believe that continuing to post strong results will lead to increased trading volumes and share prices will more accurately reflect the company’s results,” he added.

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Luisa D. Fuller