BioPower Operations Corporation, announces the Phase 1 rollout of HyFi NFT Vaults and its DeFi funding marketplaces providing access to investor funds for project developers and intellectual property owners.

BioPower operating company

AVENTURA, Fla., June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BioPower Operations Corporation (OTC: BOPO), currently in the process of changing its name to HYFI Corp. (“HyFi”), *subject to FINRA approval announcing the initial release of 10,000 memberships and other assets through the HyFi Vault program for individuals and businesses. The HyFi Vault can be purchased here:

The Phase 1 deployment is codenamed “The Athena Project Pre-Sale”. The HyFi Vault will not only provide the two highest levels of membership “Ultimate and Pro”, but will also allow you to start your collection of valuable and rare Athena 3D digital artworks with varying degrees of rarity and quality. value. 200 Blue Chip Vaults include 100 Athena .9999 Gold 5 oz. Coins or 100 gems.

Troy MacDonald, CEO of HyFi, said, “A HyFi Vault is an innovative and exciting way to become a HyFi member, and a better value proposition for doing so. After becoming a member, users will get special access and discounts when using HyFi DeFi marketplaces and services, where you can earn money as a distributor for vaults or referral fees for bringing business to HyFi DeFi marketplaces, receiving member discounts and entitlements, raising funds for your business, investing money on a split basis in registered offers under the terms of each offer, trade assets and make a difference in the world given the essential nature of the projects to be listed on the HyFi DeFi marketplaces. Impact the world by participating in green projects, environment and agriculture.

HyFi, in collaboration with Super How, winner of the 2022 Lithuanian FinTech Innovation Award, has fully developed The HyFi Vault, to provide an elegant marketing and promotion solution to reach today’s buyers and the Internet community. world. The Vaults allow Global 2000 companies and companies to collaborate with HyFi, or license our technology, to market their products and services. This unique Blockchain technology marketing tool can also track the successes and sales of distributors, affiliates and influencers for the promotion and introduction of the products or services.

Sanctum Studios, which recently provided digital assets for new Hollywood films “Black Adam” and “Prey”, is on schedule to deliver the unique 3D digital art assets based on a futuristic rendition of the Greek goddess Athena, her owl Glauk and other accessories. . She positions herself as the protector and defender of the HyFi Vaults and also as the goddess of science and wisdom as a potential crossover avatar for the HyFi ILO and BLO DeFi markets. Sanctum will also create a large unique “1 on 1” masterpiece of Athena that we intend to “gamify” as an NFT.

HyFi Blockchain technology also enables DeFi markets to operate independently for issuers seeking funding on a split basis from initial license offerings, including project funding; Bridge loan offers and pre-IPO offers.

Robert Kohn, CFO of HyFi, said, “We tried to design the HyFi NFT safe in such a unique way that there were no comparable offerings on the market.”

About the HyFi Vault program: The HyFi Vault program is developed for three main purposes:

  1. Create an immediate and sustainable path to company revenue and create a unique NFT marketing tool that enables user participation, our members, to interact with HyFi DeFi markets.

  2. Create a powerful modern web marketing tool for other businesses to license HyFi, co-brand or white-label, so they can create similar offers with their products and services through a Vault front-end layout or Loot Box.

  3. To provide market opportunities associated with art collectibles.

A HyFi Vault can contain an assortment of the following:

  1. Collectible art object(s) – 1 in 5 chance of getting a Premier Art collectible. 4 out of 5 chance of getting a Premier Art Collectible accessory.

  2. A 2-year Pro or Ultimate Lifetime HyFi subscription – 1 in 5 chance of getting an Ultimate Lifetime subscription and 4 in 5 chance of getting a 2 year Pro subscription.

  3. Gift Certificates – Use in Marketplaces or in subsequent Vault purchases.

  4. HyFi Tokens – Use for other safes and membership item purchases.

  5. Art Collectibles / Prime Art Collectibles – The inclusion of any Art assets should qualify the HyFi NFT Vault to be listed on various Art-focused NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

  6. Real 5 oz. .9999 Gold Coin as part of the Athena 200 Blue Chip special offer.

  7. Genuine Precious Gemstones as part of the Athena 200 Blue Chip Special Offer.

The HyFi Vault can be purchased here:

About BioPower Operations Corporation or HYFI Corp.

BioPower Operations Corporation (OTC:BOPO) is a Nevada corporation that is currently in the process of changing its name, subject to FINRA approval, to HYFI Corp. Based in the United States, HYFI Corp. is a fintech company that has developed and owns an innovative blockchain technology called “HyFi”.

The company licenses, operates and enables tokenized savings for various DeFi markets and also intends to use its technology for centralized finance with membership programs and potentially future commodity exchanges with third parties. HyFi wants to make DeFi marketplaces accessible to client issuers who register offerings with the SEC or comparable international regulators to offer Initial NFT License Offerings (“ILOs”), Bridge Loan Offerings (“BLOs”) and pre-initial public offerings (“IPO”).

HyFi technology is also a candidate framework to be used in the metaverse and gaming industry to win GameFi. It allows users to securely own assets or items and move them across different platforms without requiring permission from a central party. HyFi technology is intended to enable seamless trading of decentralized assets such as NFTs and digital assets.

Company information can also be found on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR site under the issuer profile of “BioPower Operations Corporation”.


SUPER HOW? is a private research and development laboratory focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The company is a member of the BCCS cluster and the Crypto Economy Organization and has been recognized as an innovative Lithuanian company. In 2022, he was awarded as Fintech Innovator of the Year in Lithuania.

SUPER HOW’s team of blockchain professionals? contributed to the development of the Lithuanian Central Bank’s LBCOIN, the world’s first blockchain-based digital collectible coin, as well as the CBDC project with the European Central Bank (ECB) and many other projects. For more information visit


Sanctum Studios, which has provided digital assets to Hollywood films such as ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘The Wolverine’, is on schedule to deliver unique 3D digital art based on a futuristic interpretation of the Greek goddess Athena, her owl Glauk and other accessories. She positions herself as the protector and defender of the HyFi Vaults and also as the goddess of science and wisdom as a potential crossover avatar for the ILO and BLO DeFi markets. Sanctum will also create a unique “1 on 1” concept based on a great masterpiece that can be “gamified” as an NFT.

Sanctum Studios (LLC) is a Los Angeles-based visual development studio that provides 2D and 3D digital creation services to a list of some of the biggest and best-known brands in the arts and entertainment world – with clients such as Marvel Studios, DC Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, SONY and Blizzard Entertainment, to name a few.

In 2022, Sanctum Studios will see its work featured in “Prey” (20th Century Fox), the latest installment in the “Predator” film franchise slated for an August 7 release exclusively on Hulu. And again on October 21 in “Black Adam” – Dwayne Johnson’s highly anticipated “DC Extended Universe” debut as the film’s title character, an “immortal anti-hero” who has been a staple in the world of comic. since 1945.

For more information about Sanctum Studios and their services, please visit

Troy MacDonald, CEO


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