Barrick Gold Corporation – Barrick, Pakistan and Baluchistan Agree in Principle to Relaunch Reko Diq Project

Islamabad – Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD)(TSX:ABX) and the governments of Pakistan and Balochistan have reached agreement on a framework for the replenishment of the Reko Diq project in Balochistan province. The project, which was put on hold in 2011 due to a dispute over the legality of its permitting process, hosts one of the largest undeveloped open-pit copper-gold porphyry deposits in the world.

The reconstituted project will be 50% owned by Barrick and 50% by Pakistani stakeholders, comprising a 10% gratuitous and non-contributory share owned by the Government of Balochistan, an additional 15% owned by a special purpose company owned by the government. of Balochistan and 25% owned by other federal public enterprises. A separate agreement provides for Barrick’s partner, Antofagasta PLC, to be replaced in the project by the Pakistani parties.

Barrick will be the operator of the project, which will be granted a mining lease, an exploration permit, surface rights and a mining agreement stabilizing the tax regime applicable to the project for a fixed period. The process of finalizing and approving the final agreements, including the stabilization of the fiscal regime in accordance with the mining agreement, will be completely transparent and will involve the federal and provincial governments, as well as the Supreme Court of Pakistan. If the definitive agreements are executed and the conditions of closing are satisfied, the project will be reconstituted, including resolution of damages originally awarded by the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes and challenged before the International Chamber of Commerce .

Barrick Chairman and CEO Mark Bristow hailed the agreement as an important step towards the development and operation of Reko Diq and a tribute to the decisions of all parties to work towards a mutually beneficial outcome in a spirit of partnership.

“Barrick has successfully partnered with host countries around the world and our philosophy of equitably sharing the economic benefits our mines generate with key stakeholders is also evident in the ownership structure of the new Reko Diq. This is a unique opportunity for substantial foreign investment in Balochistan Province and will bring enormous direct and indirect benefits not only to this region but also to Pakistan for decades to come. In addition to local employment and skills development, local procurement, infrastructure upgrades, and improved medical and education systems, Reko Diq could also be the springboard for further exploration and development. ‘other mineral discoveries along the very promising Tethys metallogenic belt,’ he said.

At closing, Barrick will begin a full update of the feasibility studies for the project in 2010 and pre-feasibility studies for the expansion in 2011, which envisioned conventional open pit mining by truck and shovel with fragmentation and flotation processing facilities. producing high quality copper-gold concentrate. Bristow said that if all goes according to plan, Reko Diq could be in production within five to six years.


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