Altisource Asset Management Corporation announces a new

AAMC has created a new group of alternative loans with an initial capital commitment of up to $40 million

AAMC has hired Jason Kopcak, its company president and chief operating officer, to lead the new alternative lending group

AAMC secured an opportunity in crypto ATMs with a right of first refusal with ForumPay

~ Investor call March 21, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. ET ~

CHRISTIANSTED, U.S. Virgin Islands, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Altisource Asset Management Corporation (NYSEAM: AAMC) (“AAMC” or the “Company”) today announced its new strategy which includes the creation of a of alternative lending, his nomination of Mr. Kopcak, and his securing of an opportunity in the crypto-enabled ATM space.

As part of this announcement, the AAMC expects its common stock to resume trading on the NYSE American on Monday, March 21, 2022 when the rest of the NYSE American exchange begins trading. The NYSE had suspended our trading due to concerns that AAMC was not an operating company; after reviewing and exploring numerous opportunities, the AAMC Board of Directors approved our new strategic direction of creating an Alternative Lending Group, which convinced the NYSE that the AAMC was once again operational .

The AAMC has established an Alternative Lending Group (“ALG”) and approved an initial equity commitment of up to $40 million for the purchase and origination of alternative mortgage loans. The company has approximately $22 million in alternative mortgage loans in place through today’s date and expects the majority of these loans to close in the coming weeks, subject to the completion of usual due diligence. The AAMC intends to remain nimble, but will acquire alternative mortgages first and expects to begin originations in 2022.

The Company has hired Mr. Kopcak as President and Chief Operating Officer to lead ALG, among other responsibilities. Mr. Kopcak, 50, plans to join the company in May 2022, after his employment with Morgan Stanley ends. Mr. Kopcak began his employment with Morgan Stanley in September 2018 as an Executive Director within Morgan Stanley’s Residential Mortgages team within Global Capital Markets. He has been involved in all facets of the mortgage and alternative lending industry, from trading, warehousing, securitization to investment banking. Prior to his employment at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Kopcak worked at Nomura, a global financial services group, from May 2012 to September 2018 in a similar position. Mr. Kopcak has over twenty-five years of mortgage lending experience.

The company has also secured a right of first refusal from technology company ForumPay to roll out crypto-enabled ATMs/kiosks worldwide. ForumPay has contractual agreements with companies in the gaming, hospitality, and retail industries that allow for cryptocurrency-enabled transactions. The AAMC has initially budgeted up to $2.0 million, and additional capital will be allocated as needed to grow the business.

“The Board of Directors and I are excited about AAMC’s new strategy and believe we are well positioned to succeed in these businesses and deliver value to our shareholders. We are also delighted to welcome Jason to the company and believe he will be a great addition and help deliver on our strategy. We thank the New York Stock Exchange for working with us through this process and allowing the AAMC to resume trading on the Exchange Monday morning,” said Thomas K. McCarthy, Acting Chief Executive Officer. .

“The Board of Directors and our senior management, with guidance from our advisors, focused on businesses that relied on AAMC’s real estate expertise and asset management. Through this process, we determined that the development of an alternative lending business complemented by the growth opportunities in cryptocurrency transactions and the potential for a cryptocurrency ATM-enabled network offers AAMC its best potential for growth and profitability in creating shareholder value. We also believe that these companies help and support underserved markets. We appreciate the patience of our shareholders and look forward to our fresh start with what the Board considers to be exciting leadership with an excellent leadership team,” said John de Jongh Jr, Acting Chairman of the Board. from AAMC.

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About the AAMC
Before December 31, 2020, AAMC was historically an asset management company that provided portfolio management and corporate governance services to investment vehicles.

After exploring a number of acquisition opportunities and different business areas, the AAMC determined that it was in the company’s best interests to form the Alternative Lending Group (ALG) in conjunction with a new initiative in the Crypto ATM business.

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