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Companies to deliver NVIDIA AI-accelerated cybersecurity platform and services to analyze huge amounts of data and identify threats faster

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CG—NVIDIA and Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) today announced an expanded collaboration to deliver a GPU-accelerated, AI-enabled cybersecurity platform to public and private sector customers.

The platform enables next-generation incident response systems that help customers identify cybersecurity threats. It is powered by NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA Morpheusthe only open-source, large-scale, GPU-accelerated AI cybersecurity processing framework.

To help customers quickly respond to threats, Booz Allen has developed the Cyber ​​Precog, based on the Morpheus platform. Cyber ​​Precog is a GPU-accelerated software platform that provides operational, mission-relevant AI models and modular pipelines for rapid deployment to the edge. Cyber ​​Precog provides the software paradigm needed to power the Cyber ​​Precog Flyaway Kit, a GPU-powered edge server custom-built to support cyber operations in degraded and disconnected environments.

Cyber ​​Precog enables NVIDIA GPU acceleration of kit data ingest at 300x the CPUs rate, while boosting AI training by 32x and AI inference by 24x. This allows Booz Allen customers to get performance from a single NVIDIA GPU node that equates to 135 CPU-only server nodes.

Booz Allen and NVIDIA are also collaborating on next-generation solutions powered by the cybersecurity platform.

“Traffic passing through the modern data center continues to grow, powered by innovations such as AI and connected devices, and it is increasingly susceptible to potential breaches and attacks,” said Justin Boitano, Vice -President of Enterprise Platforms at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Morpheus enables innovators to create zero-trust technologies that detect and eliminate threats as they arise.”

“Our customers operate in many resource constrained environments,” said Matt Tarascio, senior vice president at Booz Allen. “NVIDIA GPUs, along with NVIDIA’s Morpheus framework, enable us to bring enterprise capabilities to the edge, so that the best analytics, data processing, and AI capabilities can be delivered to the mission. . The development of Cyber ​​Precog is one example of the many ways we work quickly to unlock advanced trades, develop unique capabilities, and deploy scalable solutions – all of which integrate seamlessly into our customers’ missions to help them gain a cyber advantage.”

Morpheus is a GPU-accelerated software framework offering cybersecurity developers the ability for the first time to inspect all network traffic in real time, report anomalies, and provide insights to help quickly address threats. The latest version of Morpheus includes updates to pre-built workflows, including new visualization capabilities for digital fingerprinting and sensitive information detection. New visualizations enable faster threat identification and remediation by security analysts.


The NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity processing framework can be deployed in public clouds, hybrid clouds, or hosted on-premises and is available for download at NVIDIA NGC™ and GitHub.

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