2022-08-08 | NYSE: HZN | Press release

Horizon Global Corporation (NYSE: HZN), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of branded towing and towing equipment, today announced that the company’s Board of Directors has authorized consideration of strategic alternatives to improve shareholder value. These strategic alternatives could involve the sale of part or all of the business.

“Our goal is to maximize shareholder value,” said John C. Kennedy, Chairman of the Board of Horizon Global. “We have received incoming interest in the company and, given this level of interest, the Board of Directors has made the decision to consider strategic alternatives. We believe there is significant value tied to our best products, our iconic brands and our deep customer relationships.”

The Company noted that there is no assurance that the Board’s review process will result in a settlement or other alternative. There is no fixed timeline for the strategic review process and Horizon Global does not intend to provide updates unless or until the Board approves a specific action or otherwise determines disclosure is appropriate or necessary.

Jefferies LLC is the financial advisor to Horizon Global.

About Horizon Global

Based in Plymouth, MI, Horizon Global is one of North America’s leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of a wide variety of high-quality, custom towing, towing, cargo management, and other related accessories. North, Europe and Africa. The Company serves automotive original equipment manufacturers, retailers, dealer networks and the end consumer as a category leader in the automotive, leisure and agricultural market segments . Horizon provides its customers with exceptional products and services that reflect the company’s commitment to market leadership, innovation and operational excellence. The company’s mission is to use cutting-edge technology to develop and deliver premium products to our customers, interact with our employees, and create value for our shareholders.

Horizon Global manages a collection of regionally recognized brands in the towing and towing industry including: Draw-Tite, Reese, Westfalia, BULLDOG, Fulton and Tekonsha. Horizon Global has approximately 3,800 employees.

For more information, please visit www.horizonglobal.com.

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Luisa D. Fuller