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DALLAS, TX/ACCESSWIRE/April 22, 2022/ Envela Corporation (US NYSE: ELA) (“Envela” or the “Company”), the North American leader in re-commerce, celebrates Earth Day by joining the global call for substantial progress in solving pressing environmental challenges and reaffirming its commitment to sustainability through the circular economy.

The Earth has limited resources to meet the seemingly limitless needs of its people. On Earth Day 22, Envela notes that sustainability is not just about doing less harm to our planet, but also about consuming fewer resources. The circular economy is an economic system that aims to prolong the use of materials and extend their lifespan. The resale of second-hand goods, or re-commerce, contributes to this objective.

Envela focuses on extending the life cycle of products by reselling them. This reduces their carbon footprint and conserves energy and resources that would otherwise be needed to replace them with new products. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

We invite you to join us this Earth Day to build a more sustainable future by participating in the circular economy.

About Envela

Envela is the North American leader in re-commerce, enabling a better world through the circular economy. It enables buyers and sellers to extend the useful life of specialty and durable goods and seize supply chain opportunities in retail, recycling and reverse logistics. This benefits consumers and manufacturers financially. Envela primarily operates through two re-commerce business segments, DGSE and ECHG. DGSE (Envela’s B2C portfolio) operates retail stores and online sites offering luxury hard assets and precious metals, including gold, silver and diamonds. ECHG (Envela’s B2B portfolio) remarkets consumer electronics and computing equipment, and also provides end-of-life recycling services for products in a variety of industries. Envela conducts its retail and wholesale re-commerce operations, through distributors, resellers, dedicated stores and online. Stakes in all of Envela’s business units have seen several years of growth.

Additional information about Envela is available on its investor relations site, Envela.com.

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